Why Does Your Company Need a Logo Redesign?

At Podgily, we think of our brand as a continuous project that's never complete. Just as people and companies evolve, so do brands.

Your company's brand and identity are crucial to the success of your business. A strong logo will represent your company, convey important messages all the while being up to date with modern design trends. The logo should emphasize your company's strengths, and reflect your core business values. Sometimes companies get it right the first time (Nike) and never have to revisit their logo. But more often than not, a logo has to be tweaked or adjusted to keep up with shifts and changes in your company.

Podgily logo


Your logo must be memorable and create an impact. If you are redesigning your existing website, or starting from scratch, and your current logo does not emphasize your company strengths, consider rebranding. Your new website cannot perform optimally if your logo is outdated. The logo will appear out of place, and will have a negative impact on the overall experience of your website.

Branding is more than simply a logo design. Your organization should have a brand book (i.e., Branding Guide), a collection of the brand elements and the detailed description of your brand. By covering every aspect of the brand, this document functions as a strategic guideline for all your marketing materials (not only your website).

What is the purpose of a logo?

The purpose of a logo is to get instant consumer recognition for a company. Essentially, a logo is the 'face' of a business. Because of this, it is important to ensure that the 'face' of your company is making a positive impression to your prospective clients.

Everything, especially technology, evolves over time. Your website needs continuous updates to ensure that your company doesn't look outdated, this goes the same for your logo.

A refreshed logo shows that your company is evolving and changing to keep up with the modern world.

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