Site Speed Is Important, Even For Small Businesses.

Optimizing and maximizing key metrics, like pageviews and conversion rates, are critical to your business. The speed of your site has a significant impact on these metrics.

As a small business owner, the performance of your website matters.

Without a doubt, the appearance of your site is critical, and having quality content is important. But site speed is the first impression, both with search engines and potential customers.

There are several reasons why site speed matters. Faster sites provide a better experience for your visitors and customers. And faster sites might actually get more traffic, because the algorithms that power search engines like Google consider speed-based performance metrics.

You won’t lose money because of slow page load time, but a slow page can damage your brand’s reputation. Studies have shown that 66 percent of customers said website performance influences their impression of the company and 33 percent of customers have a negative impression of a company with a poor performing website.

Modern search engines aren’t just interested in keywords and links, they are now designed to deliver exceptional user experience. That’s why website optimization should be part of your SEO strategy as well.

According to Kissmetrics, nearly half (47 percent) of consumers expect sites to load in just a couple seconds. In fact, page abandonment increases with page load time. Meaning, the slower your website, the more likely visitors are to leave without exploring more content and buying anything.

At Podgily, our developers and designers take performance data seriously so that we can provide the best possible experience for our customers.

As a small business owner, you may not think twice about the speed of your website. You may not care about the speed of your site, as long as it looks good and professional. But Google cares about the performance of your site. And potential customers who are accessing the web from their mobile phones don’t have time to wait around for your site to load.

If you’re going to bother with a website, you need one that is fast, modern and designed for mobile devices.

If you have doubts about your existing site, feel free to contact our design team to assist you with a redesign. Test your own site on Google PageSpeed if you like to know how your site scores.

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