Minimal Viable Product: A Goal of Product Management

First and foremost, why do you need a Web Product Manager? Because your company’s website is a product.

Whether we wireframe, prototype, create content, design, develop or test as part of building a website, we all must create the right experience, at the right time and for the right user.

Having a web product manager can help reduce the gaps between stakeholders and DevOps. Product managers can also develop and maintain a close relationship with the users to help identify issues and necessary improvements. In Agile, we express these discoveries as user stories and present them to the DevOps team members, who then identify and find solutions to resolve these user stories.

In a world of constant change, especially when it comes to web technologies, product managers need to provide clarity for design and development to be more efficient. The goal of a web product manager is to deliver small improvements at a continuous rate to the users that use the website or mobile app. Much like your business, your website must continue to evolve.

This evolution doesn’t necessarily mean having a bigger website, it just needs to be a better website. Having a product manager can help your company website get better and keep teams focused on what their users need the most. By investing in relationships with internal and external stakeholders, web product managers can set priorities that gradually can make your corporate website better.

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